Terms & Conditions for exhibitors and contractors 2016

The British Shooting & Countryman Show 2016 is a trading name of Avalonage Ltd.
REGULATIONS governing the acceptance of entries for Trade Stands at The British Shooting & Countryman Show 2016

a) Regulations. This term is applied to all requirements laid down by the Organisers for the conduct of The British Shooting & Countryman Show 2016 and/or to any further additions or amendments as may be deemed necessary by the Organisers.
b) The Show. This term shall mean The British Shooting & Countryman Show 2016.
c) Organisers. This term shall mean Avalonage Ltd their servants or agents.
d) Exhibitor(s). This term shall include all employees, contractors, servants and agents and exhibitors, suppliers of any company or organisation exhibiting at the Show.
e) Trade Stand(s). This term shall include the area(s) and site(s) allocated by the Organisers to exhibitors for the purpose of trading/exhibiting at the Show.
f) Showground. This term shall include all land covered by the Show including access tracks, car parks, arenas and Trade Stands.
g) Guns: This shall mean any firearm, shotgun, air rifle or air pistol. Realistic Imitation Firearms, de-acts, or section 58 (2) guns.
h) Certificate in relation to guns: This will mean a certificate that is relevant and appropriate to the type of gun(s) that are in the care of an individual or exhibiting company.
i) – Vehicle “owners”: The term “owner” when relating to any vehicle on the showground shall mean the individual, company or business that the vehicle is in the care of or being used by, whether owned, rented, hired or loaned to. (See also section 7 (b).)

a) The control of the Showground is in the hands of the Organisers whose decisions are final and binding on all Exhibitors.
b) The Organisers shall have the right without appeal to resolve all cases which are not provided for in the Regulations.
c) Any person or organisation failing to comply with the Regulations or directions from the Organisers may be instructed to leave the Showground and no refund of any site or other charges will be made by the Organisers. It is also specifically accepted by the exhibitor that their failure to comply with the regulations exempts the organiser from any claims for consequential losses due to the decision to remove them from the site.

a) All applications for Trade Stands must be made in writing or by email.
b) The Organisers reserve the right to refuse in whole or in any part any application. Acceptance or rejection of the application, in whole or part, together with the allocation site, will be notified in writing by the Organisers.
c) Exhibitors may express a preference for Trade Stand sites, however, sites will be allocated on a first come first served basis and no guarantee can be given that the preferred sites will be available.
d) Participation in The British Shooting & Countryman 2016 Show does not bestow any rights to participate in the show in subsequent years.
e) Prior to the Show, the Organisers reserve the right to change the layout and the location of stands without prior notice.
Trade Stands location and provision with reference to Exhibitors & Contractors;
f) The Organisers reserve the right to change the location of any Trade Stand site previously allocated.
g) The sub-letting and/or sub-contracting of Trade Stands is strictly prohibited.
h) Boundaries of sites will be clearly marked by the Organisers. Exhibitors are to ensure that exhibits, including all support equipment, tentage and guy ropes are contained on each defined Trade Stand site area.
Acceptance of invoice for a trade stand.
i) The receipt and acceptance by the exhibitor of an invoice for the facilities and services to be provided and full payment or part payment of such invoice(s) shall be deemed as an acceptance of these terms and conditions by the exhibitor or contractor. j) If an exhibitor fails to pay any monies due, that have been invoiced, within 7 days of any time specified on the invoice or any subsequent written demands or statements, the organisers reserve the right to cancel such exhibitors stand. Any payments already made will only be refundable at the absolute discretion of the organiser and the organiser will not be held responsible for any consequential losses or costs that may be incurred by the exhibitor due to the cancelation of the stand under these terms.

a) Entry is solely by presentation of valid passes which will be dispatched by the Organisers.
b) Exhibitors must report to the designated reception point before proceeding to their allocated site(s).
c) The Showground will be open for construction and fitting of Trade Stands from 08.00 on Thursday 13th Feb 2016. Any Exhibitor or goods arriving earlier will be turned away unless the express written permission of the Organisers has been obtained.
d) Exhibitors are to ensure that they are available on site to receive all deliveries as the Organisers are unable to handle exhibitors’ equipment unless by prior agreement in writing.
e) Goods and equipment consigned to the Showground with insufficient information to identify the   consignee will be returned to sender.
f) Setting up of Trade Stands must be completed by 09.00pm on Thursday 13th Feb 2016. No vehicles will be allowed on the Trade Stand area or secure site area after this time.
g) Exhibitors must remain in the immediate area of their Trade Stand at all times. Specifically exhibitors displaying firearms will ensure their stand is manned at all times.
h) Exhibitors will abide by any rules regarding where vehicles may or may not be driven, parked on or unloaded on the showground.

a) The organisers designated contractor is solely designated to provide an electricity supply to individual Trade Stands on the pre payment of the appropriate or listed charge. The following regulations will be adhered to;
1. BS 7671:2001 and amendments I.E.E Wiring Regulations.
2. BS 7909:1998 Code of Practice for the design and installation of temporary electrical distribution systems delivering a.c. electrical supplies for lighting, technical services and other entertainment related purposes. 4. BS 5266-1:2005 Emergency Lighting – Part 1 Code of Practice for the emergency lighting of premises.
5. Statutory Instrument 1989 No.635 – The Electricity at Work Regulations.
6. All traders with portable appliances must have a label indicating that the article has passed a Portable Appliance Test in the 12 months preceding the show.

a) Exhibitors may use the services of any caterers for the convenience of their clients, but no charges must be made for refreshments to the general public except by the Organisers’ official caterers and concessionaires.
b) No exhibitors of food or other refreshments may offer goods for sale except by special arrangement.
c) Exhibitors are responsible for complying with all Public Health and Food Hygiene Regulations and requirements, and are reminded that regulations apply even when the refreshments are offered free of charge.
d) Disposal of waste catering water as per the Environmental Health Department of the Local Council instructions states that any waste water generated must be taken away not put into a soil pit or onto the ground surface. Using disposables and not washing up should eliminate this problem.
e) If you are offering food [beyond hot and cold drinks and pre-packed long life goods, such as biscuits and crisps] to customers, you need a properly documented Food Safety Management System, including diary, which must be available for inspection on Show day by Local Authority Officers and our own consultant. If you are unclear what this means, then speak with your own Local Environmental Health Officer or go to www.food.gov.uk

a) Exhibitors are required to keep their sites and adjacent walkways tidy at all times. Rubbish is to be placed in the containers provided by the Organisers.
b) Exhibitors are to ensure that their sites are staffed whilst the Show is open to the public. Exhibitors failing to comply will forfeit both site and fees paid.
c) Trade Stand exhibits or any equipment containing moving parts must be fitted with the necessary guards to comply with standard safety regulations governing that particular exhibit.
d) Exhibitors wishing to erect any mast or structure higher than 4 metres are to provide full details of such a requirement to the Organisers and receive written consent to do so.
e) Exhibitors are not to obstruct or allow to be obstructed any gangways or open spaces, and no sign or projection may be hung or projected over gangways or open spaces, or in any way affect neighbouring Exhibitors’ displays.
f) Exhibitors wishing to erect any sign, placard or advertisement at any location other than their allocated site, are to obtain the written permission of the Organisers.
g) There are no facilities for storage on the Showground.
h) As the supply of certain services, e.g. catering, furnishings, is not within the direct control of the Organisers, the Organisers shall not incur any liability to any Exhibitor for any loss or damage if any of such services shall wholly or partly fail or cease to be available, nor shall the Exhibitor be entitled to any allowance in respect of any payments made for the participation in the Show.
• If any exhibitor behaves in a manner which is considered to, or likely to cause alarm, distress, disruption or inconvenience to other exhibitors or visitors, or behaves in a manner considered to be inappropriate or disruptive the organisers reserve the right to stop such an exhibitor continuing with their business and to ensure their removal from the showground. The exhibitor will forfeit any costs incurred to the organisers and will be charged with any costs incurred by the organisers in effecting the removal of the exhibitor. (See also 2 a, b & c – Application of Regulations.)

1) The term “owner” will also be applied to any exhibitor where a vehicle is found to be “owned” by a contractor, volunteer helper, employee, guest or any person, company or organization that is onsite at the request of, or in the service of such exhibitor. (Also see section 1(i) – Definition of terms.)
2) All vehicles must have an official vehicle pass, which must be clearly displayed in the windscreen of the vehicle at all times.
3) Vehicles are not permitted on Indoor Trade Stands. Vehicles must be parked in the designated Exhibitor car parking areas as directed by the Organisers. Once established on site, vehicles are not to be moved on the site except to vacate the Show after 16.30 Sunday 16th Feb 2016. The only exception to this condition is for exhibitors vehicles parked in the “exhibitor day parking area” that is within the secure exhibition perimeter.
4) The organisers reserve the right to remove any vehicles that are not parked in officially designated parking areas or that are obstructing access roads, obscuring signage or in the opinion of the organisers causing a nuisance or preventing the smooth running of the show. The cost of removing any vehicle will be charged to the “owner”. If a vehicle cannot be removed the organisers reserve the right to make a rental charge to the “owner” for the ground area that the vehicle is occupying. Such rental charge will be made as if the vehicle remains where it is for the full opening times of the show and will be calculated on the basis of being proportional to the list price of such space within the exhibition halls.
5) All vehicles on site and within the “secure perimeter area” must have an official, appropriate and relevant pass to gain access to such areas. This pass must be displayed in the vehicle at all times. Failure to comply will constitute a serious breach of security and may result in the exhibiting company being asked to vacate the showground and/or the vehicle being removed with any costs being charged, to the “owner” of the vehicle. (See also (d) above and section 2 – a, b & c – Application of regulations.)

a) No Exhibitor may cease operation before 16.30 on Sunday 16th February 2016.
b) Sites must be cleared by no later than midday Monday17th February 2016 unless prior written permission has been obtained from the Organisers. After this date the Organisers may have any object found removed and the cost will be charged to the Exhibitor.
c) Exhibitors will be responsible for clearing the site of all goods, equipment, decorations, rubbish etc and replacing turf, filling post holes and making good any damage to the ground.

a) In the event of an Exhibitor’s withdrawal from the Trade Stand Display after notification by the Organisers of the allocation of space, all payments made in respect thereto shall be forfeited.
b) Notice of withdrawal must be made in writing to the Organisers who will endeavour to reallocate the space, but such re-allocation does not necessarily entitle the Exhibitor to refund of any payments made, or release from any sums for which he has become liable.
c) In the event of cancellation of the Show for any reason, whether within the organisers control or outside of the organisers control, the Organisers shall not be under any liability whatsoever in respect of any booking or stand payments or trade stand fees, expenditure or liability, or loss incurred by the Exhibitors. Exhibitors are advised to take out their own insurance for such an eventuality.

(Also see Firearms, Shotguns and Airguns / Safety Notice – item 11)
a) The Organisers will not accept liability for any accident, damage or loss that may occur to any Exhibitor or to any animal or article while entering or leaving or during the period it is on the Showground.
b) The Organisers will not accept liability for damage to any stand or loss of any exhibits or articles on the Showground.
c) Exhibitors are responsible for the security of their exhibits and property at all times (also see Firearms, Shotguns and Airguns / Safety Notice – Item11) and are advised to insure their exhibits against such loss or damage including risk of fire.
d) Exhibitors are responsible for the safety of all third parties in respect of their activities and especially for the safe operation of any working exhibits or displays.
e) Access to Trade Stands must be provided at all times for the Organisers and official safety services for inspection purposes.
f) Exhibitors are responsible for their own security arrangements.
g) Exhibitors will be held responsible for loss or damage or injury to property (including other exhibits) and persons, caused by themselves, their servants or agents.
h) Each Exhibitor participating in the Show agrees to indemnify the Organisers against all claims of whatsoever nature which may be made against the Organisers, arising out of, or in any way connected with, such Exhibitor’s participation in the Show. This provision is specifically agreed by the Exhibitor to be fair and reasonable.
i) If an application is received from any organisation, whose affairs are, for any reason, placed in the hands of a receiver, that application shall, unless otherwise agreed in writing by the Organisers, automatically become null and void even if accepted.
j) Exhibitors must comply with all UK Statutory Requirements and Regulations whilst participating in the Show.
k) The Organisers reserve the right to refuse any entry whatsoever and also reserve the right to cancel any entry which may have been accepted without any reason being given, or decline at any stage to admit any proposed exhibit, or to order the removal of, or to remove any person or any exhibit, from the Show. Whenever under this regulation an application for space is refused, or an allocation of space is cancelled by the Organisers, or an exhibit is refused admission or removed, the fees paid for such space may at the discretion of the Organisers be refunded, and if refunded, shall be accepted by the Exhibitor or intending Exhibitor, in full satisfaction of all claims against the Organisers.
l) Visitors entering the Show do so entirely at their own risk. No liability will be accepted by the Organisers, their servants, agents, independent contractors or sponsors for any injury (including fatal injury), illness, damage or loss whatsoever directly or indirectly occasioned to person or property whether due to negligence or otherwise howsoever subject to the provisions of the Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977. Nor will the Organisers be obliged to refund any entrance monies should the Show not take place or be curtailed or postponed for any reason.
m) The Organisers reserves the right to refuse entry to vehicles and/or persons to the Show and/or to divert visitors to car park areas.

a) RFD License holders will, at all times, strictly abide by the terms and conditions of such certificates and any other official published guidelines relevant to the possession & security of guns.
b) During the official opening times of the show and whenever the visiting public is present in the exhibition halls, exhibitors displaying any Firearms, Shotguns or Air Guns will at all times, provide sufficient staff to man their exhibition stand so as to provide adequate security and control and observation of visitors to their stand.
c) During the official opening hours of the show, and at all times that members of the visiting public are in  attendance in the exhibition halls, all Firearms, Shotguns and Air Guns will be securely displayed with an acceptable form of locking or security system to prevent unauthorized removal or unsupervised handling of such items by members of the public.
d) Air Rifles can be fired only on the Official Air Gun Range. Authorization by the organisation that is responsible for the Air Gun Range will be required before using the range. Strict compliance of any such rules and practices laid down by the organisers of the Airgun Range will also be required.
e) Shotguns can be demonstrated or used by invited guests on The Clay Shooting Line but only with the permission of the official Clay Shooting Area organisers, and only within the codes of practice and rules laid down by The Organiser responsible for operating the Clay Shooting Line.
f) Guns will be kept unloaded at all times, except when being used on the clay shooting line & air rifle range and then only under the safety conditions imposed in such places. When carrying guns away from the exhibitors display stand and in public areas they will be carried unloaded and in a slipcase, bag or case.
• Any infringement of these rules or the terms of any relevant firearms or shotgun certificate by an exhibiting company or their employees, agents or guests, will result in the exhibiting company being considered in breach of these regulations. Such exhibiting company will forfeit the right to continue exhibiting at the show for its duration and article 2 of these rules will apply.
• Any behaviour or practice in relation to the handling or display of firearms, which in the opinion of the organisers is considered to be inappropriate or dangerous may result in the exhibitor being asked to close their stand, remove their exhibits and leave the showground. (See also 2 – a, b & c – Application of Regulations.)
i) UK Legislation will solely apply to any matter regarding the handling or possession, use or display and sale of any guns on the show ground.

The smoking ban in enclosed public spaces started on 1st July 2007. For Trade exhibitors this means that smoking is not allowed in the halls, exhibition vehicles or any other enclosed spaces. If it happens three offences are committed: by the smoker, the trade exhibitor and the show organisers. There is, however, nothing to prevent people smoking in the open air, so please ask people to step outside.

a) Contractors and Exhibitors are required to hold third party liability insurance with a minimum of £1,000,000 cover.
b) Proof of such insurance shall be available on demand, for the organisers to see.

a) Exhibitors’ stands/exhibits are expected to be of a high standard appropriate to the Show.
b) The sale of the following articles is prohibited without prior written permission from the Organisers: Balloons, Lottery, Raffle or Gaming Tickets, Soft toys ticket draws. Any other products as may be specified in writing to individual Exhibitors by the Organisers.
c) The use of microphones and amplifiers to assist sales is prohibited. The Organisers reserve the right to demand the removal of any equipment about which complaints are received.
d) The sale of any articles, display posters or distribution of pamphlets other than from an exhibitor’s stand is forbidden.
e) Charging for admission to an Exhibitor’s stand is forbidden.
f) The use of fairground equipment is forbidden without written permission of the Organisers.
g) The sale of articles by auction is forbidden.
h) Animals may not be exhibited on a stand without prior written permission of the Organisers.
i) Exhibitors are requested not to play music which may constitute a nuisance.

a) Immediately notify any of the Organisers at the main show reception and office.
b) Ensure all personnel are calmly moved away from the incident.
c) Keep access ways clear for emergency services vehicles.

a) These terms and conditions apply to all companies & exhibitors present on the showground, and their staff, agents, suppliers, partners, contractors, guests, helpers, advisors and demonstrators. These terms and conditions, and exhibition activities, and any disputes that may arise from them will be governed by and be in the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts and laws of England and Wales.
b) It is the exhibitors responsibility that any of the above persons or companies being onsite at their bequest or actions are made aware of every aspect of these terms & conditions. Should any of these persons or companies make any claim or take any action independently against the organisers then the exhibiting company will be responsible for the legal costs of the organisers and any claims made against them.

a) If any part, item or element of these terms and conditions may be deemed to be illegal or unenforceable under the laws of England and Wales then that specific element or item will be excluded but the remainder of the terms and conditions will still be deemed to be effective and legally binding.
b) The organiser reserves the right to make amendments or alter the specification and layout of the exhibition without prior notice.
c) The rules and legislation regarding Data Protection and contained within the Data Protection Act will apply to both exhibitor and organiser within the confines and operating boundaries of activities undertaken at or within the remit of the exhibition.
d) In some parts of these regulations other relevant parts of the regulations are specifically referred to at the end of a particular section or sub section. It is accepted that this is purely for the purposes of highlighting a particular issue. The exhibitor should therefore not assume that this is done wherever there is more than one relevant reference to an issue, and should read the complete set of regulations on the basis that cross referencing is not made on all issues.

The exhibitor is not entitled to assign or delegate any of its rights or obligations contained in these terms and conditions.