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Balindore’s signature of quality and style established in interior furnishings and design now includes the crafting of sports/gunboxes. Individually commissioned, these pieces can be fashioned in a traditional manner, or in a contemporary style harmonious with the vehicle’s design detailing. Balindore also offer the service of further personalisation to your commission from carved details and monograms to timber choices and remote locking systems. Specialists in bespoke gunboxes.  All of our gunboxes come with great security built into them to keep everything safe.  These are also excellent security boxes.

Similarly to Balidonre’s Gunboxes, the Falconry Boxes are all fully fashioned to suit your own individual taste and requirements. The box itself exudes style and quality yet is a fully functional and practical facility. Your Falconry Box can comprise of many features including, customised lures, weighing scales, telemetry systems and many storage compartments. Balindore also offer Air Conditioning features in your Trailer ensuring the perfect environment for your bird.

To fulfil a prerequisite, Balindore invite you to commission the undertaking of unique articles.  With our experience and facilities, the client can be offered the opportunity to achieve a piece conceived with a purpose of style of their own. Quite often genuine antiques are prohibitively expensive.

Consequently, Balindore offer the service of faithfully creating, by hand, work indistinguishable from the genuine article.  Needless to say, the restoration of genuine antiques is our speciality. Our in-house design relies strongly on values of timeless style, choice materials and true construction.

These criteria avoid obtrusive design that often diminishes in merit over time. We combine creative ideas with experience to produce a blend of ambience and practical purpose.  Appropriate selection of durable materials, consideration of function, proportion and appearance, lead to articles that fulfil all of your interior needs.

Balindore’s new and exclusive Trailer Suites pose the perfect addition to your outdoor meets. A unique yet elegant feature, this hospitality unit can be fully designed to suit your needs. Individually commissioned, these suites start out as an empty shell and are fully re-built to your exaction. The Trailer Suite is a self charging unit with central locking and is available fully colour matched to your towing vehicle. Built in Balindore Gun Boxes and Gun Racks can also be tailor made and installed into your mobile hospitality venue, perfect for your days out on a shoot.

Balindore’s bespoke Gun Safes are all individually commissioned to suit not only your own requirements but each unit is design with location in mind. Balindore strive to maintain harmony and correlation between the interiors of the room and your tailor made Gun Safe.  Any wood can be used and colour matching of materials is available to the setting, enabling a desirable and suitable aesthetic appeal. This all encasing the safe itself; made from stainless steel with a double locking system. Safes built up to 100gun. Specialists in bespoke cabinets.

Balindore can custom make your perfect shooting accessories to accompany your gun box or to have that unique item.  Please view the gallery below to get some ideas.


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The Great British Shooting Show: 18th, 19th and 20th of February 2022.


The National Exhibition Centre (NEC), Birmingham, B40 1NT.

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