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Born out of passion

Hunting is one of mankind's oldest passions. However, we hunters must constantly equip ourselves for new challenges. This is only possible through innovation and people who drive this with passion.

From partnership

As a leading innovator, we are the driving force in the international hunting weapons industry. Our 50 years of experience have sharpened our senses for sensible technological advances. However, we never lose sight of our ethical obligation.

From enthusiasm

Our Blaser employees have the same enthusiasm for hunting, but also have a wide range of talents. This diversity in terms of personalities, perfect networking of skills and the joy of collaborative service are our greatest success factors.

With an attention to detail

We strive for excellence in every design and manufacturing step. But true perfection arises only with passion which gives our hunting weapons their character. Innovation coupled with sensitive design is our formula for timeless weapon design.



Milled from solid blanks

The manufacture of system parts from solid blanks gives you sound quality, reliability and durability. Labour-intensive manufacture on the latest CNC machines provides the basis for minimum tolerances and lasting shooting accuracy.

From high-quality materials

Be it highly-tempered steel, forged light-metal alloys or precious walnut wood, they are brought together with artistic precision work to create unique precious objects. Every Blaser hunting weapon is an investment for generations.

From a sense of tradition

We characterise today's hunting culture with a sense of traditional craftsmanship. Highly-qualified gunsmiths, stock-makers and engravers make the weapon into a masterpiece which highlights the personality and passion of its owner.

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