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In the traps and target production for the shooting industry since 1927

The story begins at the end of 19th Century when The Laporte Family founded its very first construction company….Then came 1927!
In 1927, Emile Laporte, a great hunting enthusiast, developed his first hand thrower, the “Projector No.1”, to allow his hunting friends to train during periods of closure. It is a spring-loaded wooden launcher and it was manually operated by a metal arm.
His invention revolutionized the shooting sport.
The machine weighing only 5 kilos was sold throughout France and Belgium.
The pigeons were made of clay at that time, and launched this same year.
In 1931, annual production was close to one million pigeons per year. Today it is a million pigeons a day!

Laporte’s specialty is Clay Pigeon Shooting, a sport imported into France by Emile who invented the first “hand launcher” in 1927.
Laporte, a family affair that led to the success of the human-sized Company is present in all international competitions and championships.
The Olympic organising committees values our know-how and our reliability.

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The Great British Shooting Show: 17th, 18th and 19th of February 2023.


The National Exhibition Centre (NEC), Birmingham, B40 1NT.

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