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Vario Hearables

Where did Vario come from?

Jason Gibson launched Vario in August 2017, but the story doesn’t start there.

Vario was more than two years in the making, as retired and bored, Jay set out looking for a new challenge. A keen shooter, he had the Perazzi, the Pillas, the Hull Sovereigns, and was looking for the best earplugs – and couldn’t find them. Bitterly disappointed by the options on the market and the lack of and quality customer service, Jay set out to design and make his own, incorporating the latest technology and making them as versatile as possible.

How did it start?

Starting out with a modular system comprising of an innovative new electronic, a Bluetooth module, a passive filter and a blank module, which would all pop in and out of the same custom fitted silicone moulds, Vario went on the market in the summer of 2017.

What's the story?

Immediately getting the backing of big names like Ben Husthwaite and Richard Faulds, Vario made a big impact in the shooting world. But it became clear to Jay early on that the system had its limitations. Working on feedback from customers, he started working on Version 2 of the electronics. With a demanding wish list of features, it was obvious to him that the standard method of making this kind of device was not going to cut it, and he set out to commission his own programming for the new units. He started to source even better, more advanced internal components, and was surprised by what he discovered. Working with top programmers and industry experts, Vario’s horizons expanded beyond even Jay’s wildest expectations. Discovering new capabilities, but also new usage applications, Version 2 rapidly skipped straight to Version 3 – such a dramatic leap forward, it was named the Revolution. But the story doesn’t end there…

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The Great British Shooting Show: 17th, 18th and 19th of February 2023.


The National Exhibition Centre (NEC), Birmingham, B40 1NT.

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