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Brocock Ltd
Unit 3, Raleigh Hall Industrial Estate
Eccleshall, Staffordshire,
ST21 6JL

Founded in 1989 in the old gun quarter of Birmingham, Brocock has been a significant player in the UK airgun market for over a quarter of a century, first for their Air Cartridge System (ACS) pistols and later for their PCP air rifles. In March 2014 Brocock was purchased by Dianna Group owners of Italian gun makers Marocchi & Breda; the group is a major force worldwide who have been making guns since 1922. Marocchi also own Daystate, so the acquisition of Brocock was a natural extension of their move into the airgun market. The ability to share information, develop systems and improve processes between group companies enables us to improve quality and reliability bringing benefits our retailer customers and shooters alike.

In order to gain maximum advantage from the synergy between the two brands, the production of Brocock guns moved to the new purpose designed Daystate factory in Staffordshire in September 2014. This latest chapter in the Brocock story bodes well for the future as it is the clearest possible demonstration by Marocchi of their intent to expand. With this in mind, considerable investment has been made available to develop the Brocock brand, make it more widely available to UK shooters and to further expand into overseas markets. Brocock pre charged pneumatic (PCP) airguns combine quality, reliability and accuracy at affordable prices making them available to everyone.

BSA Guns

BSA air rifles are the result of over 150 years of English gunsmithing success coupled with the very latest in precision manufacturing.

Daystate was the very first Company to produce modern pre-charged pneumatics with designs dating back to the late 1970’s.

Daystate is proud of its reputation for producing world-beating airguns, for shooters of all kinds.

We continue to build that reputation in the same way that we build our guns, and that’s with care, dedication and commitment to excellence.

World champions, professional vermin controllers, and airgun experts right around the world use Daystate airguns.

Our reputation counts – and building the world’s best airguns counts for much more.

Daystate knows that when our customers buy our guns, they invest their faith in our company and everything it stands for.

We appreciate this loyalty and reward it with the finest customer service package in the airgun industry. We can do this because, like our customers, we have total faith in Daystate airguns.

Our airguns won’t let you down – and neither will we.
G & T Hunting & Outdoor

Air Rifles, Pistols & Accessories, Archery, Crossbows & Slingshots. Outdoor Clothing, Boots & Wellingtons.
H & N Sport

All H&N pellets and bullets offer you the perfect combination of excellent quality, accuracy, and price. And they’re just plain fun to shoot.
IQ Sport

IQ-Sport is the brand of Klaus Kremer and is synonymous with the Olympic Laser Shooting discipline in the modern pentathlon.  Klaus invented, designed and manufactured the IQ-Sport Laser system for pistols and rifles, a high quality system that has been hailed as the ‘’most precise and powerful laser –shot system in the world’’.  With safety guaranteed and the fact that no projectile is fired it provides an ideal opportunity to teach younger shooters the necessary skills for this fast growing discipline.  IQ-Sport and partner company ALS -smart laser shooting, will have an Olympic lane within the Airgun Range at the show, offering visitors the chance to experience the challenges  of the modern Olympic athlete by exercising using gym equipment (within your personal capability) and then shoot at targets whilst controlling your breathing.  Meet Klaus at the IQ-Sport lane on the Airgun Range.
Oulun Työstökeskus Oy

Finnish company (estab. 1982) Oulun Työstökeskus Oy (Ltd.) is one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of silencer. Our products include famous and well-known SAKi silencer for rimfires. More than 250.000pcs sold out and still running most wanted!

We have launched a new generation rimfire silencer SAK2 (34 desibel) that has quickly gained popularity in caliber .22lr / .22magnum and .17HMR rifles.. And more is coming, SAK-Pocket-silencer/FocusPoint is the item of the next summer. Please visit our stand hall 8/C6 and take a look.

Air Guns, Air Rifles & Air Pistols delivered throughout the UK
Redbeck Shooting Supplies

With over 40 years experience in the gun trade, Redbeck Shooting Supplies is one of the leading gun shops and mail order companies in the UK.

We have specialised departments for Airguns, Shotguns and Rifles and have a wealth of experience in all fields of shooting and equipment. The company prides itself on delivering unbeatable prices with unrivalled customer service.

All of our staff are shooters ensuring that when you contact us you get knowledgeable, honest and professional advice. As all of our staff also work in our shop we are here to help and can talk you through any problem or question. So if you need advice or are unsure we don’t consider any question too silly or trivial to answer.

If you visit our shop we will fit and zero all telescopic sights that are purchased with an air rifle on our range allowing you to try the rifle before you buy. We also check and chronograph all guns ensuring you have piece of mind that your rifle is spot on.

Our business is built on the basis of delivering the best prices and best customer service in the gun trade today.