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Bill Blacker London Barrel Maker

The best London gun barrels are built in the traditional way combined with the most modern materials and equipment. While machines were always used when possible, for example, for rifling the barrels, today we use the most modern CNC equipment and CAD design features. Yet, this is combined with all the traditional gun making methods. Filed actions to great precision using the “oil black” method, hand struck barrels, handshaped stocks and checkering, etc. Depending on the model of gun, from 650 man hours to well over 1250 man hours will be involved making it
TEG London

Traditional English Guncases is a family owned and run business, with over 50 years manufacturing experience. It was established in 1987 by Ian Tomlin, with the desire to make the finest, hand-crafted gun bags and cases for the most discerning recreational shooters and huntsmen.

From its inception, TEG London quickly attracted the attention of the World’s premier gun and rifle makers, who recognized our passion and attention to detail, in producing firearm accessories for customers who expect the best.

Only the very highest quality materials are ever used by our Master Craftsmen, who diligently work them with pride to produce exquisitely detailed, robust gun bags and bespoke cases, that offer protection coupled with quintessential English elegance and style.
George H Daw

When one thinks about topend guns and rifles, one tends to think about actions and engraving and stocks.A dazzling piece of walnut or an exquisitely executed game scene is what grabs the eye.The barrels seem to be little more than the black bit on the front.And yet it is the barrels which define the thing as a weapon. Without the barrels a gun is no more than a club; or perhaps a bat. And on closer consideration there is far more to the barrels than a pair of tubes”