Baileys Shooting & Countrywear

We are a small family run business where we aim to provide great quality products at the best prices.

Beechwood Sport

Beechwood Sport is a leading UK supplier of high quality Riflescopes, Optical Sights, Thermal Imaging Equipment and associated shooting sports accessories, and we’ve been providing cutting edge products and unmatched customer support to the UK Sports Shooting Community and Professional Sectors for well over twenty years.

Binocular Outlet

Binocular Outlet retail and wholesale selected optics and related accessories from the Visionary, Ostara and Olivon product ranges. Our product range features models to suit all budgets and applications.


The key values in the Browning family over-and-under guns for field and target are sturdiness, efficiency, elegance and impeccable technical features. No matter whether you are a hunter or a target-shooter.


Cluny Country Store
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We are a well established and trusted family run company with a retail outlet at Bowhouse Farm in Fife, Scotland . We take great pride in the products that we sell with much of our knowledge coming from personal experience.

We sell binoculars and telescopes to the worldwide bird watching community, sporting shotguns and rifles (new and second hand), outdoor clothing & footwear, a huge variety of shooting accessories, and all hunting optics, such as telescopic sights, laser range-finders, spotting telescopes and binoculars.

We will always do our utmost to help our customers and ensure they have an enjoyable experience purchasing from us, or simply browsing our vast range of products. Our own extensive experience with our products allows us to advise and explain the best suited options for a customer’s unique requirements. We are here to help.

Discovery Optics
Discovery – c/o Albion House, Birds End, Hargrave, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk,, UK
IP29 5HE

The Discovery brand of rifle scopes and accessories are build in China, with established excellent levels of quality control in production and testing. Discovery UK products are hand selected A grade only, meaning we are confident to offer a lifetime warranty with all the products.

The factory in China started producing optical instruments in 2009 to the domestic market, mainly engaged in the design and development of optical instruments – telescope, range finder, sights and mobile phone cameras, the company has a number of patented curved optical technology is the application and use, such as the impact resistance, function. DISCOVERY products are exported to Europe, America, South Korea, Malaysia and other countries, finding the performance and quality of products won widespread praise at home and abroad, and became the domestic leader in the field of optical surfaces,research and innovation.

Adhering to the “discover and deliver value” spirit of this enterprise. The business philosophy of “quality first, customer first, service first” , and willingness to work with domestic and foreign partners, to work together to create a better tomorrow.

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Established in 1971, GMK is the leading UK importer and distributor of shotguns, rifles, ammunition and accessories for sports shooting, as well as supplying firearms, ammunition and accessories to UK law enforcement and the Ministry of Defence.

Hawke Optics

Manufacturer & distributor of sports optics from rifle and air gun scopes to binoculars, spotting scopes and accessories.

Newpro UK

Newpro will be exhibiting and demonstrating ‘Skoped Vision’ which enables a Smartphone such as an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy to be used on most riflescopes while viewing through the riflescope and shooting, enabling videos or photos to be taken or others to view your target as seen though your riflescope. A newish concept at an affordable price.

Unit 24 Riverside
Dalton Mills
Dalton Lane

BD21 4JH

Night Master started life in 2010, and like many other products and brands, it all started with an idea. The initial idea was to have a different type of hunting light, one that would be:

Small yet powerful
Able to change the colour of the beam
Adaptable beam
A ‘torch for life’, with easily replaceable parts, that won’t be out-moded
This is when the Night Master 800 v1 was born, which revolutionised lamping for many night hunters. With the NM800, there was no need for big lamps, separate battery packs and coloured filters. The NM800, with its internal battery and changeable LEDs, would fit neatly into a jacket pocket. But despite its small, lightweight construction, it could pick out eyes up to 800m and allow identification up to 500m. It was the original… small torch, epic beam!

The NM800 v1 quickly became a hit with shooters and within weeks we were inundated with phone calls from gun shop owners who wanted to stock Night Master. At first, we refused to distribute the product because our intention was to sell direct to end users. However, we started to receive calls on a daily basis and so decided to do business with gun shops. We are now supplying to over 150 shops in the UK and the trader list grows every week.