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At A & A Gunsmiths we specialise in cowboy action shooting pistols, shotguns and rifles and being shooters in this discipline ourselves we know what works and how to get the best from your equipment
A & M Custom Gunsmiths

We are based in the in the Mansfield, Nottinghamshire area and are suppliers of air rifles ,rifles ,shotguns custom stocks, custom parts, air cylinders, anodising, barrel work, gun repairs, stock repairs, stock refinishes, air rifle accessories, scopes and pellets etc.
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We are a family ran business which ensures all of our customers receive the best possible customer care.
Orders are dispatched Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays)
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Arrow Laser Shot

I have been shooting since I was 12 years old – the outdoors was always where I wanted to be. Rifle shooting in the Army, especially the time I spent as a sniper, really didn’t help my shotgun shooting: with disappointing results I gradually drifted away from shooting shotguns.

In 1995-1996, a friend and I both decided to get back into shooting again. He was a farm manager and very keen on clay shooting and keeping control of the rabbits and pigeons on his farm. We shot as often as we could and I soon realised that my shooting was still pretty bad. A trip to a coach proved that my gun was not fitted to me and was shooting way too low, but my main problem was that as a rifle shooter I was stopping the gun.

I looked around to see what was available to help me practice at home and there was nothing that I thought would help, so as my background is engineering I set about designing something that I thought I could use.

And so Arrow Laser Shot, as it was later to become known, was born.

I had prototypes made and, within four months, I had a working model. It was not as accurate as I would have liked, but it did show me my gun fit. More importantly, it showed that while swinging the gun with the target I was stopping the gun when I fired. Ater a short while of intensive practice I was keeping the gun moving after I had fired.

I had thought that I was fairly knowledgeable about guns, but this showed me how much I didn’t know – so if I didn’t know as much as I thought I knew, how many other people out there were in the same boat? With a bit of market research and re-design of my now named Arrow Laser Shot, we started selling in the UK and around the world in 1997 – designing, developing and selling our products to do just what our motto says:

“What we make helps you shoot better, since 1997”

Serving the UK Gun Trade Since 1958
Balindore Gunboxes

Balindore Gunboxes Manufacturers of Gun Boxes, Safes, Cleaning kits & bespoke furniture in Cupar, Scotland. Looking for distributors worldwide.
Bettws Hall

Bettws Hall are a very well established, vertically integrated business based in Mid Wales. Originally founded on traditional agriculture – we have diversified over the past 29 years to specialise in the production and rearing of pheasants and partridges, and ultimately – the wonderful sport these birds offer.

The Sporting Gun department at Bonhams Knightsbridge has grown significantly in recent years to become one of the global leaders in this specialist field.

The sales, held three times a year at our Montpelier Street salerooms include a fine and varied selection of best quality British and European shotguns and rifles – including the best makers such as Holland & Holland, Purdey, Boss, Woodward, Lebeau-Courally, Francotte, Bosis and numerous others. A variety of accessories including gun cases, cartridge-magazines, cartridge display boards and books are also included in these sales. The market in this specialist area remains very buoyant and record prices have been frequently achieved in recent years.

Boss & Co Gunmakers


Boss & Co. have produced guns of the highest quality for over 200 years. Today, our guns are still built in London, to those same high standards, by skilled craftsmen using the methods honed by their predecessors.