Since 1897, the year when the first Browning gun was made, millions, even tens of millions, of shotguns and rifles for hunting or target shooting have been created and manufactured by Browning.

The inventor of the semi-automatic shotgun, Over-and-Under shotgun and, semi-automatic rifle, and most recently, an Over-and-Under gun with the lowest action frame and fastest firing system on the market.

This has left its mark on the history of gun-making with a wide array of models, all different, but with one thing in common – their reliability and their unparalleled levels of performance. Every day, throughout the world, Browning guns, old or new, smooth-bore or rifled, perform on the range or for hunting, providing great pleasure for their owners.

Target shooters, hunters, and collectors can find in these fascinating items a pleasure that is renewed endlessly. Among makes of weapons, just as with makes of watches or cars, there are some whose history is part of the reputation of the entire industry. Browning, for example.

Business Website:
Westley Richards & Co.
Address: 130 Pritchett Street
B6 4EH

In 1812, William Westley Richards founded the company that bears his name and continues to flourish today. In over 200 years of continuous gunmaking, Westley Richards has been credited with some of the greatest designs in both military and sporting firearm history, most notably the solid drawn brass cartridge case, monkey-tail breech loading rifle, Anson & Deeley hammerless gun, the hand detachable lock action, single selective trigger, forend ejector mechanism, and model ‘C’ doll’s head fastener with snap action lever work. In all, 115 patents were applied for, with many of these designs being officially recognised by the issue of no less than 22 special awards, medals and royal warrants. Such was the ingenuity and success of these patents and designs, that today we are still building our guns and rifles on the best of them, a testament to their enduring capabilities.

During 2008 Westley Richards moved into a new purpose-built gun factory in our hometown of 200 years, Birmingham, England. This new factory is our third, and each new build has marked the start of a new century of our gunmaking. Along with a new factory, we chose to develop a new young and enthusiastic team to take the company forward in this fast-paced modern world. A team that was able to combine the age-old craft that we practise with modern thinking and use of modern technology. Often, when we read about modern technology in gunmaking, we hear about CNC machinery making actions and parts to ever-closer tolerances, something we have never advocated as it removes, we believe, the human touch and feel of a best gun.