Gamekeeping at the Great British Shooting Show.

The NGO Gamekeeping area is an extremely busy section of the British Shooting Show with a wealth of specialist products, services and accessories for gamekeepers and estate owners. Located very close to the NGO stand, which is the perfect and natural gathering point for hundreds of keepers from across the country, the gamekeeping area is where you will find pest control and trapping supplies to protect valuable game birds, both wild and reared birds from rats, corvids and of course foxes.

Many gamekeepers across the country rear pheasants and partridges through the spring and summer months before releasing them once the combines have harvested. The British Shooting Show has the leading chick and poult suppliers as well as an abundance of game feed suppliers, rearing and feeding equipment and information on game bird health and disease prevention.

A gamekeepers job is not just to be responsible for the husbandry of the reared and wild birds with the boundaries of the shoot or estate, but to also manage the habitat in order to provide the very best environment for those birds. This means long and anti-social hours out on the ground in all weather conditions day and night. The British Shooting Show has all the very best technical clothing and footwear brands from all the leading manufacturers to ensure that you stay dry and warm during the harshest conditions.

A Gamekeeper will spend many hours out on the ground ensuring that his birds do not fall victim to fox predation and some of the most valuable tools used for this job are night vision scopes and spotters as well as thermal imaging devices, either a spotter used in conjunction with a night vision scope, or a dedicated thermal scope. The British Shooting Show has all the leading brands in this very specialised area of the shooting industry as well as the leading retailers who can offer the very best information in the business when it comes to crossing over to this technology.