Rifles at the Great British Shooting Show.

The British Shooting Show is a rifle shooters paradise. From “out of the box” factory rifles for target shooting, deer stalking and pest control, to the finest specialist custom builds, the choice is wide, varied and almost endless.

Right across the show there are thousands of brand new and used rifles for sale along with all the current and brand new models on display from the manufacturers.

For those who are looking for a competition rifle there are also an abundance of guns available from tactical .22LR semi-automatic rifles right through to the beautiful and mighty .50BMG rifles of Accuracy International. The British Shooting Show is the only civilian show of the year where Accuracy International display their incredible rifle platforms.

If you’re interested about getting involved with medium and long distance shooting or the exciting, adrenaline packed mini-rifle action shooting then come to the show and speak to the team from Gallery Rifle or the team from FCSA UK who are the only Home Office approved rifle club dedicated to the demanding sport of ultra-long range shooting – 1,000 to 1,760 yards.

These days there are more and more rifle shooters who are looking for something more personal than an off the shelf rifle. What they want is a custom built gun that is unique to them, something bespoke and a bit special. If you’re looking for something along these lines the come to the British Shooting Show and speak to some of the very best rifle builders in the business. Choose your style of stock, choose the action you want and the specific custom trigger as well as the barrel. Everything you need hardware wise and every question you need answering is right there at the British Shooting Show.