Shotguns at the Great British Shooting Show.

The British Shooting show has thousands of new and used shotguns ready to buy. There is no other place or event in the UK where such a vast range of major international brands and fine English crafted sporting guns are all available. Whether you’re an avid wildfowler, clay shooter, game shot or love nothing more than a day in the pigeon hide, the British Shooting show has every type of shotgun for every shooting discipline.

Clay pigeon shooting has never been more popular in the UK than it is right now, but what does it take to become a consistently good shot? The obvious answer is practice, and to elaborate even further, plenty of practice with the correct equipment. How much detail goes into consistently hitting targets with a shotgun? Answer – It’s all in the detail and shotgun manufactures continue with research and development to bring us the most finely tuned guns. When it comes to shooting targets with a shotgun, be it clay pigeons or live targets it’s massively important that the gun you’re shooting fits you correctly and at the British Shooting Show you have every opportunity to get hands on with hundreds of guns that you’ve read about in the magazines and thought “is that the one for me?” Not only that; the manufacturers, distributors and skilled gunmakers with years of experience in building the finest handmade guns are there to assist you with every conservable question you might have about the guns and the history of them.

The British Shooting Show is literally a megastore for the shotgun shooter.