The Tactical Training Area

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to stand on the outside of a building knowing that somewhere inside there is a hostile target, or multiple hostile targets? The Tactical Training Area at the British Shooting Show is built to simulate this exact scenario. It also enables you to navigate the corridors engaging targets using Airsoft M4 rifles and gas blow back pistols kindly supplied by NUPROL under the instruction of ex-SAS and Private Military Contractor Phil “Big Phil” Campion.

Phil is a veteran of military campaigns across the world and while serving became one of the few soldiers to pass selection for the Royal Marines and the Parachute regiment before passing selection for the SAS. After leaving the military Phil moved into the world of private military contracting.

Big Phil has been there and done it and very much enjoys instructing visitors at the British Shooting Show on correct and safe gun handling in a confined environment, including correct trigger discipline and muzzle awareness.

On top of all this the Tactical Training Area is great fun and an extremely popular feature of the British Shooting Show. STAND BY, STAND BY! …….. GO, GO, GO!