Advertising Opportunities

//Advertising Opportunities

Advertise in the Showguide

The official British Shooting Show showguide is distributed to tens of thousands of visiting shooters free of charge.

Place your brand or service in the showguide for maximum exposure in the UK & European shooting industry, the showguide remains available to read post-show online, thus achieving longevity and exceptional value for money.

Quarter Page Advert | £260 +VAT

Our smallest advertising space available within the showguide.

Specification: 105mm width x 148mm height. No bleed required.

Half Page Advert | £480 +VAT

A half page advert space, in either horizontal or vertical orientation.


Horizontal: 210mm width x 148mm height. Add 3mm bleed all round trim.

Vertical: 105mm width x 297mm height. Add 3mm bleed all round trim.

Full Page Advert | £950 +VAT

A full page advert, bursting with advertising opportunity.


Trim Size: 210mm width x 297mm height.

Text Area: 175mm width x 250mm height.

Add 3mm bleed all round trim.

Double Page Spread Advert | £1,900 +VAT

The largest standard advertising size available, two whole A4 pages side by side.


The double page spread option consists of two full page advertsside by side, when designing this size please ensure to mark each page left and right before submitting your two separate Print ready PDFs. Please refer to the Full Page sizes above when designing this advert.

Need A Hand?

The British Shooting Show marketing and adverts are all designed in-house by our creative team. Get in touch with us today for information and pricing on design services for your advert in the showguide. We can create new adverts from scratch or edit an existing advert you may have on file.


Advertise on the Video Screens

Make a statement by advertising with video or stills on the huge video screens at the show. Short sharp video content is the best way to reach and engage visitors and potential customers.

Video Advertising Rates £150 per 30 seconds of video.

Recommended maximum video length is 5 minutes;

Short, sharp videos are more effective when being displayed during the show. Try to keep your video length below 5 minutes where possible. We recommend 30 seconds to one minute for best impact.

Audio is optional;

Some videos simply don’t need audio. The video screen at The British Shooting Show is able to play sound should you require it in your video, however, it is not a requirement. Video screens will have all audio turned down after the first playlist loop of the day.

Classified Showguide Adverts

These smaller and lower priced advert tiles are the perfect place for contact details for smaller companies or services marketing on a budget. All of our classified advert ’tiles’ are 42.75mm wide and vary in height. Why not mix and match tiles to create larger advert spaces to display more content?

A – 20mm | £50

Our smallest 42.75mm wide x 20mm height classified tile.

B – 30mm | £60

Our mid-sized 42.75mm wide x 30mm height classified tile.

C – 50mm | £100

The standard classified tile size 42.75mm wide x 50mm height.

D – 60mm | £120

Our largest standard classified size 42.75mm wide x 60mm height classified tile.

Advertise on Shooting News UK

Shooting News UK is the British Shooting Show’s official E-Magazine platform at the forefront of the shooting industry’s marketing and press sector.

“Practical advice from international industry experts, global shooting news, and updates from The Great British Shooting Show. This is Shooting News UK. • Free to read & Available Online – Anytime •

Get in touch with us today to discuss bespoke advertising opportunities and article placement within the E-Magazine. Or head over to

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