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This page features all required information that exhibitors at the British Shooting Show will need to know about, including documentation and regulations.

This page is intended for exhibitors only. If you are not an exhibitor, please click the button below to return to the home page.

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Exhibiting at the Great British Shooting Show

Welcome to the exhibitors area. This page is provided for exhibition information as well as handy resources and contacts to make your time exhibiting with us as streamlined and successful as possible. Please get in touch if you require any further information. Remember, we’re here to service the industry and work with you to help promote your services and products to the global shooting industry.

Required forms, certificates and documents

RAMS = Risk Assessment Method Statement.

All exhibitors must fill in a risk assessment in order to exhibit at the British Shooting Show.

Once completed, you must supply the British Shooting Show with your RAMS document as a PDF, or high resolution JPG scan.

Please supply this via email to phil@frlmedia.com where it will be checked and securely filed.

For more information on Risk Assessments and to download a template, please visit the Health and Safety Executive website HERE >

Failure to complete and supply us with your RAMS document will result in you not being allowed to set up or trade at the show.

RFD = Registered Firearms Dealer.

All exhibitors with an RFD must complete form 116A.

This form costs a nominal fee of £13 to be paid by cheque payable to WEST MIDLANDS POLICE.

Servants of the company who are attending must be listed on the 116A form.

Once completed, please send your form to:

West Midlands Police
Firearms Licensing
Weston Road
ST18 0YY

If any additional RFD certificates expire prior to 20/02/2022, then you must apply for a new one.

Please attach a copy of your current RFD certificate to your application.

Any renewals of your RFD certificates must be renewed prior to the event. Failure to do so will result in you not being allowed to trade.

Additional RFD certificates cannot be processed if your RFD has expired.

Please take a moment at the earliest opportunity to check all of your paperwork and RFD information. The sooner you check, the sooner you can sort.

Please supply a copy of your RFD via email to phil@frlmedia.com where it will be filed.

To download and fill in your form 116A please CLICK HERE >

Please ensure you fill this form in correctly and as soon as you can, double check your expiry dates. The sooner you check, the sooner you can sort.

Failure to supply us with your RFD certificate will result in you not being allowed to trade or exhibit firearms at the show.

All exhibitors must have appropriate insurance in place in order to exhibit at the British Shooting Show. (We recommend minimum cover of £5 Million)

Please ensure you are insured appropriately for the exhibition. We will need to see proof of your insurance policy prior to you attending.

Please supply your proof of insurance via email to phil@frlmedia.com where it will be filed.

If you’re unsure on insurance, contact your current insurer and they will be able to help and advise the best cover policy for you.

Failure to supply us with proof of your insurance will result in you not being allowed to set up or trade at the show. 

CDM = Construction Design and Management.

All exhibitors planning on building their own stand/ having a stand built for them (non-shell scheme build) must supply us with their CDM and structural information at the earliest opportunity.

Remember, your stand is a mini CDM site within the events CDM site, you must have the appropriate paperwork in order for your stand construction.

Please supply your document(s) to phil@frlmedia.com where it will be filed.

If you have booked a shell scheme stand, you do not require these documents.

If you need to learn more about Construction Design and Management Regulations (CDM Regs) please click the button below.

Remember: if you are using our shell scheme, you do not require CDM documentations.

Learn more about the Construction Design and Management Regulation (CDM) HERE >

Failure to supply CDM regulation paperwork and/or diagram(s) will make it so you cannot construct your stand at the venue.

If you require further information or simply need some clarification, please contact us.

For RFD enquiries, we advise you talk to your local police force as well as West Midlands Police – who are the local force for the British Shooting Show.

Market your attendance

All exhibitors should be featuring the British Shooting Show logo and/or assets on all of their social media and marketing channels to increase awareness of 1. Your brand and 2. Your attendance at the show. It is within the exhibitors’ best interest to market their attendance at the show.

Remember, more visitors through the door = more visitors at your stand = It’s a win-win!

We are working hard on marketing the show to visitors and the trade, but we need you to play your part, too! 

Be proactive and advertise your attendance. Don’t just book and do nothing. The more people we can all attract, the better the show will be for us all. It really is that simple!

Failure to play your part in marketing the show and your business’ exhibiting at the show would be extremely detrimental to your business. Help us help you.

Download our artwork for use in advertising, social media and beyond using the button below.

Marketing assets

Confused? Talk to us

If you get stuck or could do with a helping hand, please get in touch with us. These documents are extremely important and must be completed and filed well in advance. So, if you’re having any problems, please get in touch at the earliest opportunity. We are here to help you!

Get in touch with us, we are here to help you every step of the way.

Contact us

Exhibitor manual.

Be prepared with our E-Manual.

View the manual here

We will be returning to the National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham in February 2022. If you have any questions about the event or exhibition details, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Take a browse through our documentation…

Read or download this year’s exhibitor manual.

The manual contains essential information for the build up, show days, break down and general show procedures including security, safety notices and important contacts for the organisers team and also the NEC team.

Read the manual here >

Read or download our marketing pack.

Marketing your attendance or products with our gargantuas database of over 100,000+ contacts is a sure-fire way of raising awareness about your brand.

Click here to view >

Read or download the Octanorm Shell Scheme document.

This document contains technical information on the construction of the shell scheme stands used at the British Shooting Show. It is useful for planning the application of graphics, banners and, of course, your exhibition.

Click here to view >

Read or download our Entrance Sponsorship document.

Put your brand front and centre at the British Shooting Show by featuring your brand on the main entrance signage of the show. This is an extremely popular option and is sold on a first come-first serve basis.

Click here to view >

View and download our social media assets.

We’ve pre-made these social media assets for you to put onto your accounts to spread the word about your attendance at the show. It promotes you whilst also gaining awareness of the British Shooting Show. Its a win-win.

Get them here >

Preferred exhibition hire provider

Inspire Hire

PLEASE NOTE: Wristband allocation is for EXHIBITORS ONLY. Visitors must purchase tickets on the ‘tickets’ page.

Wristband allocation.

Your wristbands are your responsibility.

All stand bookings come with an allocation of numbered wristbands registered to your stand, depending on the size of floor space for staff at no extra cost, these quantities can be seen in the table below. If you require more wristbands than the standard quantity allocated to your stand (as set out in the table below), you must purchase these in advance at the rates set out. Please get in touch with us to book your additional wristbands prior to the show. You cannot buy passes at the show.

Broken, damaged or lost wristbands must be replaced at a cost of £45 per band. This is to maintain the security of the event.

Weekend pass

  • Per additional wristband PRE-BOOKED
3×3 3×6 3×9 3×12 3×15 6×6 6×9 6×12 6×15 9×9 9×12 9×15
2 4 5 6 7 6 7 8 10 9 10 14

Wristbands must be purchased in advance and worn on your wrist at all times.

You must have your wristband securely fastened around your wrist at all times when at the event. If you are leaving the event, you must hand your wristband in to the organisers office for secure disposal. If you find any lost wristbands or your wristband becomes damaged, you must hand the wristband into the organisers office. These wristbands are a key part of the security for our exhibitors.

We’ll put it simply… More people through the doors means more visitors to your stand. It’s a win-win!

Help us help you…

Marketing your presence at the British Shooting Show is really important. If your customers don’t know that you’re exhibiting at the show, how are they supposed to visit you?

You should start featuring the British Shooting Show in your marketing campaigns from an early stage to reach a wide audience of existing and potential customers. We have prepared a resource centre full of pre-made graphics, as well as our logo ready for use on a wide array of formats wether for your social media, website or printed marketing.

By marketing yourself at the show, more people will know about your attendance and in turn visit the show to see you specifically.

Help us help you by featuring the British Shooting Show in all of your marketing material and social media.

Contact the Great British Shooting Show

Please don’t hesitate to call a friendly member of the team, we will be happy to help!

01258 857700

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