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How to download graphics from this page: Simply click or tap on the image you wish to download, right click (Or press and hold for mobile devices) on the large image that opens up and select ‘Save Image’. The image will download ready for you to use.

How to use the graphics: These graphics are purpose made for an array of platforms. Each section is clearly titled with what the graphics are intended to be used for. If you want to add these graphics to an image of yours, you can do so using programs such as Microsoft Paint, Adobe Photoshop and numerous apps for both iOS and Android if you’re using a device.

Please don’t: stretch or squeeze our graphics or logo, apply any colour filters to the images or otherwise obscure or change the logo from its original form. We like it just the way it is, so please, just pop it on your advertising as it is!

If you’re having trouble and would like some help with these graphics, please get in touch with us.

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Make your own…

Use the background to the right and our logo to make your own promotional materials.

Download the official logo.

The British Shooting Show logo is an important aspect of the event. Recognisable at a quick glimpse. It’s important you use it correctly.

Using our logo online, on social media or video/photo content displaying on screens?

Using our logo in print or other vector based artwork?

We’re here to help.




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