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Night Vision Tunnels

Dive into the darkness and witness the cutting-edge night vision and thermal optics that will leave you in awe. From thermal targets to scenes shrouded in darkness, it’s a visual feast you won’t want to miss. Join us at the British Shooting Show and be part of the excitement!


The British Shooting show has thousands of new and used shotguns ready to buy. There is no other place or event in the UK where such a vast range of major international brands and fine English crafted sporting guns are all available. Whether you’re an avid wildfowler, clay shooter, game shot or love nothing more than a day in the pigeon hide, the British Shooting show has every type of shotgun for every shooting discipline.


The British Shooting Show is a rifle shooters paradise. From “out of the box” factory rifles for target shooting, deer stalking and pest control, to the finest specialist custom builds, the choice is wide, varied and almost endless.

Right across the show there are thousands of brand new and used rifles for sale along with all the current and brand new models on display from the manufacturers.

For those who are looking for a competition rifle there are also an abundance of guns available from tactical .22LR semi-automatic rifles right through to the beautiful and mighty .50BMG rifles of Accuracy International. The British Shooting Show is the only civilian show of the year where Accuracy International display their incredible rifle platforms.

Optics & night vision

Most airgun and firearm shooters, regardless of discipline, will use some kind of riflescope or optical device on, or with their guns. These days it’s not just rifle shooters using optics. Shotgun shooters and pistol shooters are also taking advantage of the abundance of new technology available to them including major advances in thermal and night vision optics.


The British Shooting show Airgun area, affectionately known as “Airgun City” has always been an extremely popular area of the show. Over the past 11 years the huge range of airguns and every conceivable accessory has continued to grow; and with airgun shooting established as one of the most popular types of shooting in the country, the British Shooting Show is the only place in the UK where all the major airgun manufacturers, distributors are all present, in one place for three days.

Gunmaking heritage

Firearms have a history and heritage that can be traced back hundreds of years, right back to when the Chinese invented gunpowder in the 9th century and followed this with the invention of the Fire Lance in the 10th century.

Modern day industry and business still utilises practices that were brought to use by the manufacture of firearms.

Samuel Colt not only changed the firearm industry, but industry in general with the use of interchangeable parts, thus enabling him to have the first “production line”, something that is now seen across all industries.


The NGO Gamekeeping area is an extremely busy section of the British Shooting Show with a wealth of specialist products, services and accessories for gamekeepers and estate owners. Located very close to the NGO stand, which is the perfect and natural gathering point for hundreds of keepers from across the country, the gamekeeping area is where you will find pest control and trapping supplies to protect valuable game birds, both wild and reared birds from rats, corvids and of course foxes.

Tactical training area

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to stand on the outside of a building knowing that somewhere inside there is a hostile target, or multiple hostile targets? The Tactical Training Area at the British Shooting Show is built to simulate this exact scenario. It also enables you to navigate the corridors engaging targets using Airsoft M4 rifles and gas blow back pistols kindly supplied by NUPROL under the instruction of ex-SAS and Private Military Contractor Phil “Big Phil” Campion.

The Winchester Collection

The Wild West was won, or tamed, by a great many things. The gold rush, the expansion of the railway network, the monster cattle drives and of course the hard working pioneers, all set for adventure and fortune. The only thing they had in common was “the gun that won the west”, the ubiquitous Winchester repeating rifle.

The Winchester Collection is privately owned and its only annual public appearance is at the British Shooting Show.

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