What is the Great British Shooting Show?

It’s an opportunity to educate and inform.

The best resource to guarantee the safety, security and future within the shooting sport is education and information. Learning about the safe practises of buying, handling, maintaining, storing, securing, transporting, licensing and owning a firearm in the UK are always great topics to start with. The British Shooting Show is a platform for people to discover the shooting sport and to be given the opportunity to speak to professionals and learn more about the sport and safety practises before making an informed decision on their purchase. There’s everything for the beginner who’s never even touched a firearm, and for the seasoned pro to touch up on the latest safety and information. The shooting industry is one of the most highly regulated industries in the UK, therefore we take security and responsible firearms practises extremely seriously.

It’s a business platform for the shooting industry.

We’re not exaggerating when we tell you that our exhibitors write record business at the British Shooting Show… Whether thats wholesalers and distributors taking record high orders, or retailers smashing their sales targets with the visiting public eager to buy. It’s a tried and tested platform and to put it simply, it just works. Each year the show continues to impress even the most sceptical of traders and it just keeps getting better! So if you’re in the trade, looking for the latest innovations, have your own shop, or are looking for new contacts for your network, the British Shooting Show has everything you need to support your business’ growth within the shooting industry both here in the UK and internationally. Your business and the British Shooting Show is a success story in the making.

It’s a place to inspire future sporting legends.

We aim to inspire youngsters to pursue their passion for shooting sports by giving them access to professional mentoring, training, clubs, colleges, financial support, competitions and organisations. We all have to start somewhere, just imagine where they could go! Did you know that shooting has been on all but two Olympic programmes since the games began. We are immensely proud of our long history of success in Olympic shooting, Team GB winning a whopping 46 Olympic shooting medals, thirteen of those being golds (bravo!) Could you or someone you know be the next gold medalist for team GB?

Below are a few games and competitions that include shooting sports. Feel free to learn more by clicking on the logos!

Its an opportunity for conservation.

Conservation plays a vital role in all aspects of shooting sports. It’s not all shooting and taking… It’s giving back and conserving the natural ecosystem and respecting biodiversity and wildlife. Game and wildlife management is an important part of conservation as well, ensuring the British countryside is preserved and nurtured for the benefit of the whole nation including non-shooters.

So if you’re on the fence about shooting sports, gun ownership, or have questions or concerns about the sustainability of shooting and the work that goes into maintaining the wildlife, biodiversity and countryside year-round, the British Shooting Show features all leading conservation bodies within the UK who can answer all of your questions and help you learn more about the shooting sports and best conservation practises.

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