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Flash Bang Smoke

Flash Bang Smoke

Welcome to FBS (FLASH BANG SMOKE) British Made Pyrotechnics.

FLASH BANG SMOKE is a British company based in the South-East of England.

FBS was created in early 2020 in response to the huge increase in demand for additional special effects in the airsoft and paintball, re-enactors, LARP, photography & film industry-the list goes on.

Field-ready/field legal pyrotechnics with a “battlefield” simulation are now in as much demand alongside most other consumables as the realism sought by players and businesses continues to grow, and that is where FBS steps in.

We have an endless wealth of experience and insight which has led to the design and development of high-end pyrotechnics. without the extra costs associated with providing the best effect possible, in other words, we offer “more bang for your buck”!

Our years working in and studying the industries, and feedback received from everyone up to and including ex Special Forces personnel have demonstrated what the end user would like to see in the field, and have affordable at a fraction of the cost of premium brands but with, in most cases, a much better and spectacular effect.

We are collaborating with Police and Military units across the UK, To design more products that are better suited for their training programme, FBS is favoured due to the reliability and replication and of course, it is economically friendly for groups and organisations.

Products include everything from the basic personnel carried thunderflash, long lasting and dense cloud forming smoke Devices in a huge variety of colours, and up to and including mortars so there is something for everyone.

And we haven’t forgotten our principles. FBS products are, at every stage possible, biodegradable to reduce the carbon footprint we wholeheartedly aspire to.

We are impressed with our products and we think that you will be too.

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