Exhibitor Manual


The National Exhibition Centre (NEC), Birmingham, UK.


18th, 19th & 20th February 2022.

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Build up schedule



0800: – Space only stands build access.

15:00 – Access for all exhibitors.



08:00 – 20:00 – Day shift.

20:00 – 08:00 – Night shift.



05:00 – All builds must be complete.

05:00 – 08:00 – Cleaners in halls.

Show days

Friday, Saturday & Sunday

18th, 19th & 20th

0900 – 16:30 – Show open to visitors.

16:30 – 18:00 – Exhibitor restocking.

Break down schedule



06:30 – 17:00 – Clearing of visitors.

17:00 – 08:00 – Break down.



08:00 – 23:30 – Break down.

23:45 – Site closed.

Build up and break down procedure

Break down will commence once all visitors and children have left the halls. An announcement will be made when breakdown has begun and exhibitors can begin to pack up their stands. Do not start packing up your stand before this announcement.

No children under the age of 16 will be granted access to the halls during the build up and break down of the show, including exhibitors own children.

All materials must be removed. Any excess waste left over (waste that would not fit in a regular sized bin liner) will be subject to additional charge from the organisers for their removal.

Once you have loaded or unloaded your vehicle, it must be removed immediately to allow other exhibitors access to the halls to unload/load. Please be considerate when accessing the halls.

Help us help you by following this procedure and obeying any instructions an official or security member may give you. We want your exhibition with us to be streamlined, efficient and successful. We thank you for your continued support and cooperation.

General show information


On arrival to the venue all exhibitors and staff will need to sign in at North Car Park 10 in order to receive their exhibitor pack which will include exhibitor wristbands. All members of your team must wear their wristbands securely on their wrist at all times to gain entry to the halls. Failure to correctly wear your wristband on your wrist could result in you being refused entry to the halls. Please cooperate with the wristband policies as they are in place to help keep the event safe and secure.

Contractor passes

These are valid throughout build up and break down to be used by the official contractors working within the show. These will be issued as part of the signing in process in to the halls and must be worn at all times throughout the build up and breakdown. If any contractor is required to enter the show once in the open period, please contact the organisers office to facilitate.

Banners/ rigging

All rigging and banner requests must be made well in advance with the organisers.

Business Centre

Located next to Hall 9. Services available: Fax, photocopying, printing, internet access and mobile service. Please note, this service is not operated by the British Shooting Show.


Sale of food and drink will not be permitted unless it is clear this is for off-site consumption. Applications to retail food and drink for off-site consumption must be sent a minimum of 28 days prior to oliver.birch@amadeusfood.co.uk to be reviewed and assessed in line with food safety and licensing regulations.

Compressed gas

Should an exhibitor require the use of compressed gas, further consent must be obtained by the venue. Please contact the organisers to provide more details.


Should any exhibitors wish to host hospitality on their stand, the food and drink must be obtained via Amadeus. Exhibitors cannot bring their own food and drink to the stands with them. Should an exhibitor wish to provide their own, then Amadeus reserves the right to charge the exhibitor corkage or concession and the stand may be inspected by the venue’s food safety representative.

Please note that there may be a requirement for you to provide a fridge and sinks/hand wash basins to comply with Health and Safety Regulations.


LPG is not permitted to be used within the venue without consent. If you require the use of LPG on your stand, please contact us as soon as possible.


Stands within the show will be vacuumed on a nightly basis during the show. This does not include the cleaning of exhibits or stand surfaces.

Only stands accessible will be cleaned, should you stand have a night sheet, it will not be included within the clean.

Additional cleaning and sanitising (Covid-19)

Please take extra care to ensure your stand is thoroughly sanitised. Especially any test products, airgun ranges and touch surfaces such as handles, chairs, accessories and display products.

It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to ensure this event and your stand is, and remains safe and clean to help protect visitors, exhibitors and employees against Covid-19.

Deliveries to the venue

Please mark all packages for delivery as follows:

The Great British Shooting Show

Your Company Name & Stand Number

Your Exhibitor Contact Name & Number

National Exhibition Centre

Hall 7


B40 1NT

Please ensure deliveries are scheduled when someone will be on site to receive them. If you are unable to guarantee this, please liaise with the organisers and they may be able to facilitate any deliveries. Please note that if a delivery needs to be offloaded with a forklift or if assistance is needed with manual offloading, please contact the organisers.

Deliveries can take place until 08:00 each morning. Once the show is open no deliveries are permitted and traffic marshals will turn away any goods vehicles arriving after this time.

Furniture hire

If you wish to hire furniture please contact the furniture hire firm directly as per the details below:

Inspire Hire

Tel: 01455 234919

Email: sales@inspirehire.co.uk

Hot works permit

All hot works are subject to approval by the venue in which a permit is issued. If you require a hot works permit, please contact the organisers.

Equality act

Please note it is the responsibility of stand holders to take reasonable steps to ensure people (both visitors and exhibitors) are able to access and make use of their services. Any ramp for a stand should be inbuilt into the stand and not encroach onto the gangway.

Late working

If any stands require to work outside of the scheduled hours, please contact the organisers within the Organisers office in hall 7 advising of the following information:

• Hall & Stand Name & Number

• Work being carried out

• Additional time needed

• Number of people

• Designated responsible person and a contact number for this person.


All connections to the mains power supply must be made by the official contractor, Anchor Exhibitions.

If you or your contractor are undertaking any electrical work at the event, please refer to the full electrical regulations within the E-guide: aev.org.uk/Content/eGuide


A full breakfast facility is available from ‘The Atrium’ Wetherspoons on each show open day from 07:00. Please ensure you are back on your stand by 08:45 to ensure the show can open on time.

First aid

If First Aid is required please contact the Organisers office or approach any of the NEC team who can help you with a medical emergency. There will be an on-site medic throughout the show based in the Atrium Medical Centre at Atrium 2.


Any vehicles manufactured prior to 1984 must have minimum fuel. Fuel caps should be lockable and a drip tray in use.


Security is provided by the organisers to prevent unauthorised access to the hall and not to secure the contents of individual stands. There will be security patrols however the organisers do not accept responsibility for any loss, damage or accident. Stands should not be left unattended whilst the hall is open.

Should you wish to book security for your stand once the hall is closed or additional CCTV throughout the show, this can be arranged via the organisers.

To assist with the security of the show, all persons including contractors that require to restock in the evening will be required to show a wristband issued by the organisers. Anyone that does not have a pass will be asked to leave the hall.

Bank on site

On site cash points provided by Cash on the Move are available in the Entrance Atrium and in front of Hall 7.

Hall heating

Please note that the heating of the halls will be monitored and controlled by the NEC. We do not have control of the heating.


Please be advised that trolleys are not permitted to be used during the open hours of the show and whilst visitors are being cleared from the halls. Trolleys must either be removed from the halls or stored safely within your stand.


There is free Wi-Fi throughout the NEC which is sufficient for general browsing. Should you wish to use the Wi-Fi for streaming services, a specific, secure or maintained connection may be required. Please contact the organisers who can order this for you.

Items of special risk

If you intend to have any of the below activities on your stand, please notify the organiser to provide further details.

• Alcohol serving (restrictions apply).
• Animals.
• Dangerous & obnoxious substances, including flammable oils, liquids & gases, compressed gases / acetylene / LPG, as well as hot surfaces & naked flames.
• Gambling.
• Hazardous noise .
• Hazardous processes or substances .
• Preparation, cooking & dispensing of food .
• Radioactive substances .
• Seating (closely seated audiences) & seminars.
• Simulators & rides.
• Special effects, including lasers, real flame, smoke machines & strobes.
• Special treatments (invasive – breaking the skin, e.g. ear piercing, non-invasive touching skin, e.g. massage).
• Temporary structures .
• Vehicles .
• Visitor participation that may expose them to risks that would not normally be associated with visiting an exhibition hall .
• Water equipment and features .
• Weapons .
• Working machinery & apparatus.

Weaponry displays

Weapons covered by regulations within the show include firearms, replicas, deactivated weapons, swords, knives (including kitchen knives) and tools. They must be encased within secure storage and in accordance with their license. They must be secured to the stand and placed away from the gangways edges – knives must be encapsulated to ensure blades cannot be touched by public.

Any demonstrations or handling of weapons by customers should be detailed within the stand risk assessment.

Any weaponry that is being stored away from the stand must be in a lockable area. A lockable storage area is available via the organisers which can be utilised.

No weaponry should be left unattended during the hall open hours.

All weaponry MUST be removed from site at the end of tenancy. Any weaponry that has been left will be reported to the local authority.


Construction Design Management has been in place since April 2015 within the Exhibition Industry and applies to all events in the UK where there is an element of construction taking place.

It is the responsibility of the organiser to do what is reasonably practicable to ensure that participation at an event is carried out safely.
We as organisers have tried to keep the impact of CDM as little as possible on exhibitors.

How will this impact onsite:

• We have produced Site Rules and Site Information included within this manual for your review.
• On arrival to the NEC, there will be two CDM check in points, one will be located at the N10 car park and another will be at Hall 7 main entrance.

• From these check in points, you will be asked to review the site rules and then ‘sign in’ to the site to show that you understand and accept the conditions of the site you are working in and the rules associated with it.

• Once signed, you will receive a wristband which must be worn at all times during the build and breakdown of the show and will allow access via any VE door within the show. Any persons without a wristband will be directed to the check in points to register.

• Please note that anyone operating in the rear of the halls at any time will be required to wear a High-visibility jacket as minimum. These should be provided by exhibitors/contractors themselves.

How does this affect exhibitors?

Shell scheme exhibitors – there is only an effect if you are planning on constructing within your shell stand. Stand dressing, placing display cases, moving furniture etc does not constitute as construction. Please note however, there may be construction going on around your stand and therefore you will still be required to sign into the site and follow site rules.

Space Only Stands – Space Only stands become their own mini CDM site within the main CDM site of the whole hall. You must ensure that someone is responsible for ensuring any required roles are fulfilled.

RFD information

Your RFD information will be required at the British Shooting Show.

Please supply us with a scan or photograph of the cover of your RFD well in advance of the event.

Wristband allocation.

Your wristbands are your responsibility.

All stand bookings come with an allocation of wristbands depending on the size of floor space for staff at no extra cost, these quantities can be seen in the table below. If you require more wristbands than the standard quantity allocated to your stand (as set out in the table below), you must purchase these in advance at the rates set out. Please get in touch with us to book your additional wristbands prior to the show.

Remember, you cannot buy additional wristbands at the show, this is to maintain the high security of the event, so ensure you buy them in advance to avoid disappointment.

Weekend pass

  • Per additional wristband

Single day pass

  • Per additional wristband
3×3 3×6 3×9 3×12 3×15 6×6 6×9 6×12 6×15 9×9 9×12 9×15
2 4 5 6 7 6 7 8 10 9 10 14

Wristbands must be purchased in advance and worn on your wrist at all times.

You must have your wristband securely fastened around your wrist at all times when at the event. If you are leaving the event, you must hand your wristband in to the organisers office for secure disposal. If you find any lost wristbands or your wristband becomes damaged, you must hand the wristband into the organisers office. These wristbands are a key part of the security for our exhibitors.

Additional show information

Traffic rules

The last thing you’ll want is to be held up in site traffic, or endangered during those busy build up, open and breakdown times. So please follow these few simple rules. They’ve been developed by our experienced Traffic and Security team to ensure that all exhibitors can get about as safely and efficiently as possible.

• Please follow the instructions of Traffic or security staff.
• Look out at all times for fork lift truck movement.
• Don’t park on red lines or yellow hatched areas unless given permission by Traffic or Security staff for loading and unloading.

• Never park on red hatched areas.
• Wear a high visibility bib or jacket when loading or unloading. Be seen and be safe.

Failure to display a valid vehicle pass or to adhere to our traffic rules may result in vehicles being removed. Sorry, but our procedures are here to help you and all the other exhibitors have a great show. That’s a lot easier when we all work together.

Wristbands on

To save time, avoid delays on entry and make your life easier, please keep your official wristband securely fastened on your wrist and company identification with you throughout build up, open and break down.

Useful numbers

Taxi: +44 (0) 121 4278888

Lost property: +44 (0) 121 7673883

Unattended items

Please make the time to look in and around your exhibitor area regularly for unattended packages, cases or bags. If you spot anything you don’t recognise, don’t touch it, call the Venue Operations Centre on +44 (0) 121 644 6666 (internal ext. 6666) and we’ll check it out for you. When you leave your area each night, or if there’s an evacuation, please ensure electrical appliances are switched off.

Fire procedure

The NEC and the Genting Arena are protected by a sprinkler system and portable fire extinguishers. In the event of a fire emergency:

• Break the glass on the nearest fire alarm point they’re located at each vehicle entry (VE) door, in the organisers’ offices, and at key points within the hall and around the main Piazza and Atrium.

• Telephone the Venue Operations Centre on +44 (0) 121 767 3333 (internal ext. 3333) giving the location and nature of the incident.

• Calmly notify adjoining exhibitors of the situation and, if safe to do so, tackle the fire with an appropriate extinguisher. Remember, keep calm, follow these procedures and help will arrive as soon as possible.

• Leave by the nearest exit.