Optics at the Great British Shooting Show.

Most airgun and firearm shooters, regardless of discipline, will use some kind of riflescope or optical device on their guns. These days it’s not just rifle shooters using optics. Shotgun shooters and pistol shooters are also taking advantage of the abundance of new technology available to them.

Choosing the right tool for the job is very important and the world of optics is vast and technical. What do you need? First focal plane or second focal plane and what’s the difference between the two? MOA or MRAD reticle? Illuminated or not? What discipline are you shooting or wanting to shoot? Are you a hunter, a long distance shooter or even both? What is going to be more suitable for you? A 1 inch tube, a 30 mm tube or even a 34 mm tube?

Are you a driven hunt shooter or tactical shooter? Do you require a proper 1x riflescope, reflex or holographic optic in order to shoot with both eyes open? And then there’s the ever developing world of night vision and thermal imaging that will take you hunting into the darkness of night. At the end of all this there’s cost to consider and optics manufactures cater for all budgets.

When it comes to choosing an optic for whatever platform you are shooting with you enter a world of numbers, acronyms and science. The British Shooting Show is the only place in the UK where all the major optics manufacturers gather under one roof for three days. Whatever questions you have about riflescopes, and all other aiming devices as well as binoculars and spotters there are experts on hand to help and assist you to ensure that you are able to make an educated and correct decision before directing you to one of their reputable retailers where you can make your purchase.