Firing on All Cylinders: British Shooting Show 2024 Shatters Records with Global Exhibitor Boom!

The British Shooting Show Kicks off its 17th Year with Record-Breaking Exhibitor Numbers and Strong Industry Support

This year, the British Shooting Show has achieved a remarkable milestone with a record number of manufacturers participating, a testament to the event’s growing influence in the industry. The show has become a hub for senior staff, drawing international attention as evidenced by the substantial influx via the Airport on the Friday and Saturday of last year’s show filled to the brim by the gun trade.

Manufacturers from across the globe are converging at the National Exhibition Centre (NEC), contributing to the vibrancy of the event. The impressive increase in exhibitors aligns seamlessly with the growing interest from retailers, who have gone above and beyond to enhance their presence at the show. This expansion ensures that the British Shooting Show caters to the diverse needs of shooters, embodying the spirit of “shop til you drop.”

In addition to the flourishing exhibitor numbers, ticket sales have reached an all-time high. The show enjoys a massive positive social media following, emphasising its significance in the shooting community. Whether you’re a global manufacturer or a UK retailer, the question arises: If you aren’t exhibiting at the show, why not?

Contrary to misconceptions, the financial feasibility of exhibiting at the NEC is not a barrier. The value of exhibiting is unparalleled, and the benefits extend beyond the event. We understand the financial commitment involved, and to support our exhibitors, we offer a helpful, interest-free payment plan. This allows you to spread the exhibition cost throughout the year, saving you from one lump sum.

Exhibitors also gain access to the British Shooting Show’s 100% dedicated shooting database, a valuable resource for pre and post-show marketing. The utilisation of this database comes at no additional cost, making it a strategic advantage for participants.

To further entice attendees, the British Shooting Show encourages early ticket purchases. Avail yourself of online ticket prices, and receive a free show guide, complimentary car parking, and a free digital copy of The Field Magazine with every ticket purchase. As the largest event of its kind in the UK, the British Shooting Show stands out on the global stage, rivalled only by events in Germany or the United States.

The British Shooting Show team welcomes all enthusiasts to join the celebration of shooting sports and wishes you safe travels, whether by motorway, train, or direct flight. Don’t miss out on this unparalleled gathering of industry leaders, enthusiasts, and retailers.

About the British Shooting Show: The British Shooting Show is the premier event for shooting sports enthusiasts, manufacturers, and retailers. With a legacy spanning 17 years, the show continues to grow in size and influence, attracting participants from around the world. The National Exhibition Centre serves as the perfect venue, providing a platform for industry leaders to showcase their latest products and innovations.

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