New: Lost Scoute

After struggling to explain the location of targets on my 1000 yard training range I took the initiative and designed a parallel sight. This removed the need for any verbal communication or gesticulations and removed all doubt from the target location. This saved a huge amount of time and ammunition and aided with the range safety.

The Lost Scoute™ is a target indication aid that caters to the diverse needs of shooting enthusiasts and professionals alike. Hunters and deer stalkers become stealthier in their pursuits as there is no need for any verbal indication of targets.

Target shooters and instructors find a reliable ally while training the next generation of marksmen. The Lost Scoute™ reduces the time it takes to indicate targets at longer ranges and removes the doubt and the sometimes difficult task of verbal target indication.

The Lost Scoute™ is a ‘top pocket’, indispensable companion where accuracy, speed, and durability are required. Swift and intuitive, it allows hunters, deer stalkers, and target shooters to rapidly acquire and share targets with partners, students and clients.

Crafted with uncompromising durability in mind, our device boasts a rugged stainless steel construction that withstands the toughest challenges. To add to the protection of your corrosion-resistant aid, it is housed in a Cordura case.

We are a new company and as such this will be our first British Shooting Show. To mark this milestone moment we will be giving away a picatinny rail anti-cant level with the first 100 sales of the Lost Scoute™, either at the show or ordered online at BSS OFFER.

See the Lost Scoute in action

Get  a free picatinny rail anti-cant level with the first 100 sales of the Lost Scoute™