The Launch of NateChrony – Delivering an Affordable Chronograph to the Air Rifle Community

As every Airgunner knows, a Chronograph is a critical piece of equipment. To get the best performance from your air gun you will most likely have to do a bit of tuning work. Being able to measure pellet speed & calculate power is vital to take a measured approach and make progress. In countries like the UK – it may also be vital to ensure that you keep within legal limits.

The NateChrony is a system that is securely mounted to the barrel with a variety of adapters for different makes and models, and uses Infrared beams to detect pellets passing through it – providing reliable accuracy in every environment. It is powered via standard 5v USB (a power bank, your mobile phone, or a tablet), you use a phone or tablet to connect to it via Wi-Fi, and use an intuitive web interface to both operate and configure the Chronograph. Simple, reliable accuracy.

While the last few years has seen a rapid increase in the number of chronographs on the market, there has also been a rapid increase in price. At up to £700, expensive radar units offer some benefits, but can be infuriating when they continually miss shots or provide inconsistent results. The low end units come in at a great price, but typically lack features and force you to remember odd button combinations and sequences just to operate them. They’re also normally packaged with poorly lit, low-resolution displays that are even hard to see on the average cloudy day in the UK!

A rising concern with any technology is the increasing thirst manufacturers have for your data. Many solutions require you to install software on your phone, give their application permissions to your device and its data, and potentially track your location. The devices are also typically packed with non-serviceable and proprietary parts, making long term ownership costly as its reliant on expensive manufacturer parts – if they’re available at all!

The NateChrony takes a different approach to solving the Chronograph challenge for both the average Airgunner that looks to do some tuning here and there, or the most demanding tuner that is constantly making adjustments and requires swathes of data. 

We kept it as simple as we could – you already have the screen and battery in your pocket, we use Wi-Fi technology for connectivity, and present data via a simple web page. Nothing fancy – all standard components that are well proven and widely available.

We manufacture the NateChrony using Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM – or 3D printing as it is known), while it may look a little rough compared to injection moulding processes – it provides low initial costs and allows us to rapidly improve our design over time, and incorporate new features as the market demands them.

Come and join us as we make our global debut at the NateChrony stand at the Great British Shooting Show – we’ll be in Hall 5 Stand B9.

We will have NateChrony’s for sale at a discounted price below £100, fun display units to test out and interact with, and freebies for the first customers each day.

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