British Shooting Show Brand Ambassadors

For years, the British Shooting Show has stood as a beacon within the shooting industry, not just for its impressive showcase of the latest innovations but also for its enduring relationships with an elite cadre of brand ambassadors. Among them stand—Jean-Paul Gaudin, Jonny Carter, Dave Carrie, Lloyd Pattison, Russ Douglas, and Chris Parkin—renowned names whose influence and expertise resonate across the digital landscape, covering a spectrum of shooting disciplines.

At the heart of this enduring partnership lies a mutual commitment to push the boundaries of representation and promotion within the shooting world. The British Shooting Show isn’t merely an event; it’s a platform that amplifies the voices and skills of those who truly epitomise excellence in shooting sports. From the elegance of game shooting days to the precision of rifle shooting, from airgun target shooting to vermin control, these ambassadors span the entire gamut, leaving no stone unturned in their pursuit of showcasing the diversity and skill within shooting disciplines.

What sets the British Shooting Show apart is not just its association with these luminaries, but the recognition that these ambassadors represent the pinnacle of expertise in their respective fields. While many may try to replicate, imitate, or emulate, the British Shooting Show stands firm in its position—often imitated but never duplicated.

The show’s ethos is clear: to champion the best of the best, to embody the essence of the shooting industry, and to be a testament to British excellence. Its association with these outstanding ambassadors isn’t merely a collaboration; it’s a celebration of the very soul of shooting sports.

In a world where imitation attempts to compete, the British Shooting Show stands tall—undeniably the biggest, the best, and quintessentially British.

The Great British Shooting Show stands as the UK’s most enduring and prominent event dedicated to shooting. From its inception, this event has remained steadfast, true to its founding principles and dedicated to its loyal customer base. Unlike some other, smaller events or country fairs that undergo frequent name changes or exaggerate their significance, our commitment has remained unwavering, ensuring an authentic and reliable experience for all attendees.

We invite you to join us at the NEC in Birmingham, a venue renowned for its connectivity and the perfect stage for showcasing the very best of British shooting. Experience firsthand what sets The Great British Shooting Show apart—a celebration of tradition, authenticity, and the essence of the shooting industry.

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